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'Lightning Bugs' ..... quei fantastici 'droni' del secolo scorso .....

TT-1 Pinto

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Il solito Bill Sweetman rievoca, spulciando negli archivi di AW&ST, la saga dei 'droni' USA che, già negli anni Settanta del secolo scorso, avevano raggiunto livelli tecnologici d'avanguardia .....


The Model 154 was designed to fly higher than any subsonic aircraft, reaching over 80,000 feet on the power of a specially developed engine, the General Electric J97.

A few years before anyone talked about stealth, its radar cross-section (RCS) was the lowest of any aircraft ever flown, thanks to shaping and specially developed radar-absorbent materials and structures.
It also had an automatic electronic jamming system.


L'articolo ..... "Stealth. 80,000ft. $375 Million A Copy. Did We Say This Was In 1970?" ..... http://aviationweek.com/blog/stealth-80000ft-375-million-copy-did-we-say-was-1970

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