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Força Aérea Brasileira ....

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Un articolo testé apparso su "War is Boring" descrive le attività di questa forza aerea in realtà poco conosciuta .... tessendone le lodi ....


The Best Little Air Force You’re Barely Aware Of - Brazil’s feisty air arm battles eco-criminals—on a budget ....

On Aug. 10, 2011, four Brazilian air force A-29 Super Tucano attack planes took off from Campo Grande in southern Brazil, flew to a spot 45 miles northeast of São Gabriel da Cachoeira and together dropped eight 500-pound bombs.
Their target: a dirt airstrip, hacked out of the lush rainforest canopy, suspected of belonging to a drug cartel or one of the many smuggling outfits that are steadily pilfering the Amazon rainforest of its minerals and wildlife.
The bombs exploded in thunderclaps of noise, smoke and earth.
Circling the airstrip, the propeller-driven A-29s’ two-person crews confirmed that their bombs had cratered the strip and rendered it useless, for now.


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