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Marina Militare della Polonia


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Alcuni numeri su questa piccola Marina Militare


qui si possono trovare le unità in servizio The Polish Navy Primary Forces


e qui i programmi per il futuro Modernizing the Polish Navy


The Plan in Detail (From Maritime Business Poland):


The basic assumptions of the concept include:

· Permanent financing at a level of PLN 900 million per year

· Abandoning modernization of current old equipment in favour of obtaining modern ships

·A three-phase modernization of the Polish Navy, implemented until 2022, 2026 and 2030 respectively

· By 2030, in line with the modernization plans, the Ministry of National Defence plans to acquire, among other things:

- 3 new submarines

- 3 coastal defence ships with a displacement in excess of 1,000 tonnes

- 3 patrol ships with minesweeping abilities

- 3 modern minesweepers

- 2 rescue ships

- 2 electronic reconnaissance ships

- 7 support ships, including an operational support ship and logistic support ship

- 6 SAR helicopters and 6 anti-submarine helicopters

- unmanned aerial systems: 6 reconnaissance planes (3 ship-based, vertical take-off and landing type, and 3 land-based) and 10 mine identification and destruction systems

- Rearmament of the Coastal Missile Unit

- Purchase of two short-range anti-aircraft systems for the defence of main naval bases

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