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Boeing X-48


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Il Boeing X-48 è un aeromobile a pilotaggio remoto (APR) sperimentale realizzato dall'azienda statunitense Boeing Phantom Works, la divisione sperimentale della Boeing, ed attualmente in fase di sviluppo in collaborazione con la NASA.

Il modello fa parte di un programma di ricerca, al fine di realizzare un aereo da trasporto destinato sia all'aviazione commerciale che quella militare, sulla configurazione che integra le caratteristiche di un velivolo a corpo portante con quelle di un'ala volante.

Alcune fonti: Boeing X-48 e Boeing X-48


Esistono le versioni:


- X-48A, il cui sviluppo è terminato nel 2005;


- X-48B, che ha effettuato il suo primo volo nel 2007


The vehicle is controlled by a pilot on the ground, who sees video transmitted by a forward-looking camera in the aircraft. After the initial low-speed flights, higher-speed tests were performed in test phase II. The latter required some modifications to the X-48B to increase its maximum speed. Phase II flight tests eventually began in spring 2008. By April 2009, 50 X-48B flights had been completed successfully, and a follow-on test program is planned to explore the limits of the vehicle's flight envelope.


- X-48C, che si differenzia principalmente per la riduzione del rumore


Riguardo a quest'ultima versione (X-48C):


X-48C in Langley Full-Scale Tunnel


NASA is flight testing one version of a 21-foot (6.4 m) wingspan BWB prototype, called the X-48B, at NASA's Dryden Flight Research Center, at Edwards AFB, Calif. The other one being tested in the Langley Full-Scale Tunnel is the X-48C. It has been modified to make it quieter. Those modifications include reducing the number of engines from three to two and the installation of noise-shielding vertical fins. The wind tunnel tests are assessing the aerodynamic effects of those modifications.






First Boeing X-48C Flight Imminent, NASA Says


X-48C Begins Test Program At Edwards AFB


Boeing Flies X-48C Blended Wing Body Research Aircraft



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