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U.S. F-16 Crashes


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U.S. F-16 Crashes Into Sea Off Japan, Pilot Ejects


A U.S. military fighter jet crashed into the sea off northern Japan on July 22 and its solo pilot was waiting for rescue at sea after ejecting, the coast guard said.

“The F-16 jet crashed some 470 nautical miles northeast of Nemuro” at around 11:30 a.m., a spokesman at the Japan Coast Guard said.

“The pilot ejected and is now waiting for rescue at sea,” the official said, adding the coast guard’s ships and plane were heading to the accident site.

The city of Nemuro is 1,000 kilometers (620 miles) north of Tokyo.

The U.S. military was not immediately available for comment.


US Air Force F-16 Crashes in Ocean Northeast of Japan


Nemuro si trova nel Nord del Giappone, e l'incidente è avvenuto a 470 miglia nautiche a nord est di Nemuro

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U.S. F-16 Pilot Rescued After Crash Off Japan Coast


The pilot of a U.S. fighter jet that crashed in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of northeastern Japan on Sunday has been rescued, Japan’s Coast Guard said, six hours after the aircraft went down.


The pilot, whose name was not disclosed, was placed safely on a U.S. container ship in the region around 6 p.m. (0900 GMT), according to the coast guard, one of several agencies that sent vessels to assist in the rescue.

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