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Il Brasile compera UH-60L

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Guest intruder


S70 FAB in Bolivia


“Colombia Orders 15 Second-Hand UH-60L Helicopters, Saves Some Money” – and they did, $225 million for 15 second-hand UH-60L helicopters. That’s partly because the helicopters are second-hand, and partly because Colombia already operates a number of UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters.


Brazil has now made a pair of requests for UH-60Ls to fulfill its strategic commitments for search and rescue, air mobility, “and provide for the defense of vital installations and close air support for ground forces.” A billion-dollar deal with Eurocopter made the Eurocopter Cougar Brazil’s standard medium helicopter across all 3 services. Nonetheless, a modified form of the the UH-60’s high-end “Pave Hawk” search and rescue (SAR) variant seems to be carving out its own niche in Brazil. Flown by the Army Avicao do Exercito’s Falcao Negro squadron, and by the Forca Aerea Brazileira’s 7/8 “Harpia” air group, both based in Manaus, FAB S-70 and H-60L helicopters are used in Amazon basin SAR operations, humanitarian relief, and anti-drug efforts.


DSCA requests are not the same thing as signed contracts, but now additional helicopters are being delivered, and bought-


June 11/09: Sikorsky Aircraft Corp. in Stratford, CT receives a $60.4 million firm-fixed-price contract for 4 UH-60L aircraft uniquely configured of the Brazilian Air Force (FMS Case BR-B-UTZ). Work is to be performed in Stratford, CT, with an estimated completion date of Nov 30/12. One bid was solicited, with one bid received by the US Army Aviation & Missile Command Contracting Center at Redstone Arsenal, AL (DAAH23-02-C-0006).







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