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About Me

Hello! My name is Joseph Garden, current age - 21 years old. I am working as a Director of digital gaming company. 
We started in 2019 year and we are going further!
My lovely life hobbies are sports,social books,self-development,Techno music and gaming. Also I like to go for hiking and travelling! My favorite book is The Remainder by McCarthy.
Not a long time ago I have finished my 2nd academic year in University, I am studying for a designer. But that is my second higher education! First one is connected with lawyers.
Also I am thinking to go for streaming career, but seems like all e-sports gaming is not feeling well. But anyway I need to look for a nice platform to work with, my lovely genres are shooters,arcades and football simulatos.
I am fond of old movies, especially where Robert De Niro or Al Pacino are featured! 
Good luck and thanks for the opportunity to be the part of that big community!

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