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Da FlightGlobal ...


Brazilian air force KC-390 in Alaska for cold weather testing ...

By Garrett Reim ... 12 February 2021 ...

The Brazilian air force has sent one of its Embraer KC-390 Millennium transports to Fairbanks, Alaska, for cold weather testing.
The aircraft arrived just south of the Arctic Circle on 8 February and tests were planned for the duration of the following week, the Brazilian air force said on 10 February (*)
The in-development Boeing 777X commercial airliner is also in Fairbanks for cold weather testing.
“The test itself serves to verify how the aircraft operates in extreme cold situations that can reach -33°C (-27.4°F),” says the Brazilian air force. 
“The [isolated] parts of the aircraft and possible cracks caused by the cold will be studied.”
Embraer delivered the fourth KC-390 to the Brazilian air force in December. 
Brasilia has ordered 28 examples of the medium-lift transport in total.
Beyond Brazil, Hungary signed a deal for two KC-390s in November. 
Portugal ordered five KC-390s in 2019.
Embraer has struggled to gain additional commitments to buy the aircraft beyond an early flurry of letters of intent and orders. 
The company has 33 letters of intent outstanding that it is working to convert into firm orders. 
Argentina, Chile, Colombia, the Czech Republic and aviation services firm SkyTech have signed letters of intent.

(*) ... https://www.fab.mil.br/noticias/mostra/36973/KC-390 MILLENNIUM - KC-390 Millennium realiza testes no frio extremo do Alasca ...


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Il Brasile costretto a tagliare ...


The Força Aérea Brasileira (FAB, Brazilian air force) is reducing its order for the Embraer KC-390 airlifter. 
The decision, which was revealed in a notification on May 26, is driven by budgetary constraints that have arisen as a result of the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. 
Brazil has been one of the hardest-hit nations by the health crisis, and the cost has caused “direct limitations on the strategic projects of the armed forces” according to the notification. 
The number of KC-390s on order - which stands at 28 - “has proved to be superior to the budgetary reality of the Force, both for acquisition and for logistical support over time.”
No details of the final number were given ...

... ainonline.com ... https://www.ainonline.com/aviation-news/defense/2021-05-31/brazil-cut-kc-390-airlifter-order ...


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Il KC-390 atterra corto ...



Après les essais d’atterrissages sur terrains mous, la Force Aérienne Brésilienne (FAB) a annoncé avoir effectué une série d'exercices d'atterrissage courts avec le KC-390 en vue de terminer la qualification de ce dernier.
L’exercice s'est déroulé du 28 au 29 septembre à deux endroits différents, sur la base aérienne d'Anápolis, où se trouve le siège de l'escadron qui exploite le biréacteur, et l'aéroport Santos Dumont, à Rio de Janeiro, dont la piste n'a que 1323 mètres. 
La FAB vise comme objectif de pouvoir utiliser le KC-390 sur des pistes courtes, courantes dans plusieurs régions du pays. 
À Anapolis, des atterrissages ont été effectués, avec la distance la plus courte possible. 
La FAB avait placé des marques à 1’000 mètres, 1’200 mètres et 1’500 mètres sur la piste, qui mesure 3’300 mètres de long. 
Des exercices de remise de gaz ont également été effectués. 
Suite à une série de résultats parfaitement satisfaisant selon la FAB, les tests se sont poursuivis à Rio de Janeiro où il a atterri au niveau de la mer.

... psk.blog.24heures.ch ... http://psk.blog.24heures.ch/archive/2021/10/10/atterrissage-court-pour-le-kc-390  -871862.html ...

Inoltre ... fab.mil.br ... https://www.fab.mil.br/noticias/mostra/38004/KC-390 MILLENNIUM - FAB realiza treinamentos de pouso curto com aeronave KC-390 Millenn ...


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