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Varrebbe la pena di dire che forse un Me.262 raggiunse mach 1: improbabile per me, ma spettacolare. Quando il pilota, Hans Guido Mutke atterrò, aveva i motori in flameout, qualche centinaio di rivetti spaccati e le ali semiscardinate!!!!




Ecco la foto!


Aggiornamento: le simulazione al computer ed il rapporto di Mutke hanno convinto gli esperti; egli infatti subì lo stesso fenomeno d'inversione dei comandi che avvertì Yeager in regime supersonico. E' stato lui a superare per primo Mach 1. o perlomeno il primo ad uscirne vivo.


Due, at that time, to the general lack of knowledge of the sound barrier and its effects, a number of German military pilots were killed in accidents both, before and after reaching the sound barrier:

* Webmasters note: They just fell out of the skies for unknown reasons and they had no enemy contact.


26 Nov 1944 - Crashed near Lechfeld - Pilot killed - JG 7 - Me 262 A

06 Dec 1944 - Crashed near Osnabrück - Pilot killed - JG 7 - Me 262 A

15 Dec 1944 - Crashed during a training flight near Schwabstadt - Pilot killed - JG 7 - Me 262 A

23 Dec 1944 - Crashed during a training flight near Landsberg/Lech - Pilot killed - JG 7 - Me 262 A

14 Jan 1945 - Crashed vertically near Crivitz - Pilot killed - JG 7 - Me 262 A



Taking all this into account, the first man to break the sound barrier must be considered as


"The Unknown Pilot"


analogous to the famous "Unknown Soldier".


da http://mach1.luftarchiv.de/

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