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AgustaWestland AW139

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MH-139 ... qualche dettaglio ...


The first MH-139 for the Air Force - which replaces the UH-1N Huey in the roles of nuclear missile field support, VIP transport, and some other missions - is in production at Agusta-Westland facilities north of St. Louis, Mo., and if there are no hiccups, it will fly by the end of the year, Boeing officials reported.
The Agusta-Westland facility, part of Boeing’s major subcontractor, Leonardo, will assemble the fuselage, put on the rotors, and essentially build a civilian version of the aircraft, Rick Lemaster, company director of vertical lift marketing, told reporters in a briefing at Boeing’s Philadelphia, Pa., helicopter factory on May 16. 
It is then handed over to Boeing, which militarizes it for the Air Force’s unique missions. 
Boeing will convert the vanilla aircraft into an MH-139 by changing the baggage door compartment to “allow some special equipment to be installed” that the Air Force declines to identify. 
Defensive aids, such as flare dispensers and missile warning systems will be added, as will the machine gun mount and a “crashworthy, self-sealing fuel tank,” Lemaster explained.  
Additionally, ballistic protection will be added to the floor and cockpit.
Once complete, the aircraft will receive USAF certification and fly off to their duty station.

... airforcemag.com ... Boeing Gearing Up for MH-139 Test Models, Production ...

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MH-139 ... imminenti le prime consegne all'USAF ...


The Air Force will receive its first MH-139 helicopter for testing in December, as it enters the next phase of the $2.4 billion effort to replace the Vietnam-era UH-1N Hueys, the head of Air Force Global Strike Command said Sept. 18.
Boeing and Leonardo are teaming up to provide the MH-139s, a new military variant of a civilian helicopter the Air Force chose one year ago. 
The fleet of up to 84 airframes will replace Bell-made UH-1 Hueys at nuclear missile fields across the US and for other transport and VIP missions. 
After years of trying to get a helicopter on contract, the Air Force required that Boeing deliver the first two aircraft by the end of 2019.
“We have a very good helicopter, and everything is on track,” AFGSC Commander Gen. Tim Ray told reporters at AFA’s Air, Space & Cyber Conference. 

... airforcemag.com ... Huey Replacement Helo to Start Testing in December ...

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