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Royal Air Force .....

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Westlant19 ... i Marines all'opera ...

🇺🇸 🇬🇧

Quanto tempo dovrà ancora trascorrere prima che si possano vedere inquadrature del genere filmate sul ponte di volo di Nave Cavour?



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Follie ... vegane ... :scratch:


They may be ordered to rain death and destruction upon the enemy. But RAF aircrew who are vegan could soon carry out their duties with a clear conscience – knowing their uniforms are free of leather or wool.
Top brass have been ordered to amend military policy on dress after a landmark request from a helicopter technician who objected to leather safety boots.
Following the test case, any RAF personnel who refuse standard service issue clothing will be provided with vegan boots, shoes, berets, trousers, jumpers and socks where possible. 
The Army and Royal Navy could be forced to follow suit.

... dailymail.co.uk ... Now the RAF has to offer pilots VEGAN boots! Top brass ordered to amend military dress policy after helicopter technician objects to leather safety boots ...


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