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Uh-1E vietnam sistema TK-2

Thomas Abbondi

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Gli UH-1E USMC avevano le quattro m 60 esterne su piloni diversi da quelli classici dell'esercito, il sitema era chiamato TK-2 (Temporary Kit-2) :

Foto se ne trovano ma non è facile capire come era veramente disposto il sistema.

Qualcuno ha dei disegni o del materiale buono?

Nel caso mi intersssa in 1/72 grazie

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A variant of the TK-1 for the CH-34/UH-34 helicopter, the TK-2 (Temporary Kit-2) was developed by the USMC for their UH-1E helicopter. The system provides the same four M60C 7.62x51mm machine guns as the TK-1, but adds two independent support rack and pylon assemblies to the system, for mounting an acceptable aircraft style armament. Typically these mounts were used for 7-Tube2.75" rocket launchers of varying types, but were also seen tested with XM18/M18 Minigun pods (USAF SUU-11/A).



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