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Dalla Svizzera .... SPACE FOR ALL !

TT-1 Pinto

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Un nuovo competitore si accinge ad entrare nel promettente mercato dei "piccoli satelliti" .... si tratta dell'azienda elvetica Swiss Space Systems (S3) che propone una sorta di navetta aviolanciabile e recuperabile in grado di immettere in orbita uno speciale "dispenser" contenente un certo numero di mini-satelliti ....

Il tutto ricorrendo a tecnologie già esistenti o collaudate ....


Watch This -- Swiss Space ....


Switzerland seems an unlikely hotbed of aerospace innovation, but after the Solar Impulse sun-powered round-the-world aircraft here comes Swiss Space Systems (S3) with its reusable suborbital smallsat launch system.


Fonte .... http://www.aviationweek.com/Blogs.aspx?plckBlogId=Blog:04ce340e-4b63-4d23-9695-d49ab661f385&plckPostId=Blog:04ce340e-4b63-4d23-9695-d49ab661f385Post:64ab112d-2db7-49c1-a975-0355dba3878a




Un Memorandum of Undestanding è stato recentemente siglato con l'impresa malese Spaceport Malaysia .... http://spaceportmalaysia.com/v2/





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Anche i "torinesi" sulla navetta svizzera ....


BOURGET 2013 : Les Turinois sur la navette helvète ....


Après Dassault, qui fait figurer une maquette de la navette SOAR (Sub-Orbital Aircraft Reusable) en bonne place sur son stand au Salon du Bourget, c'est au tour de Thales Alenia Space de rejoindre l'équipe du projet de véhicule suborbital développé par le consortium suisse S3 (Swiss Space System).


Fonte .... http://www.air-cosmos.com/espace/bourget-2013-les-turinois-sur-la-navette-helvete.html

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Swiss Space Systems (S3) ha trovato un alleato negli USA ....


Swiss Space Systems Creates US Subsidiary ....

Swiss Space Systems (S3) has announced the establishment of a US subsidiary, S3 USA.
The news follows last week’s announcement of a partnership between S3 and Spaceport Colorado, located at Front Range Airport just south of Denver.


Fonte .... http://www.citizensinspace.org/2013/10/swiss-space-systems-creates-us-subsidiary/



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