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Ali Su Aviano 1996


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Casualmente ho trovato la lista degli aerei che c'erano alla manifestazione Ali su Aviano 1996, io c'ero, la prima manifestazione di cui mi ricordo abbastanza cose, avevo 10 anni, ma fu uno spettacolo immenso!


Questa è la lista degli aerei che c'erano quel giorno (comprensiva di matricola dell' aereo e reparto di appartenenza):



140111 CP-140 14 Wing/405(MP)sqn, special c/s

9A-BOF An-2 Croatian AF

H-305 Mi-24V 29 Esk

126 MiG-21bis 21 Esk

0710 Mi-24V 331 VRLT/33 ZVL

E-174 F-16A Esk 727

ET-206 F-16B Esk 730

313/4-BE Mirage 2000N EC 02.004

327/4-BM Mirage 2000N EC 02.004

87+99 Bo.105P HFR-36

38+50 F-4F JG-72

29+01 MiG-29 JG-73

29+22 MiG-29UB JG-73

44+09 Tornado JbG-33

45+46 Tornado MFG-2

MM81409/EI-939 A.129 493? Sq/49? GSER

MM81362/EI-471 AB.412 49? GSER

MM7172/2-07 AMX 14? Gr/2? St

MM6913/51-10 F-104S-ASA 22? Gr/51? St

MM62122/46-23 G.222TCM 2? Gr/46? BA

MM7016/6-16 Tornado 154? Gr/6? St

J-014 F-16A 315 Sqn

J-509 F-16A 315 Sqn

957 C-130H 335 Skv

15233 Alpha Jet Esq 103

15238 Alpha Jet Esq 103

71504 Yak-40 Serbian AF

C.15-20/15-07 E/F-18A Gr 13/Ala 31

TK.10-12/31-54 KC-130H Gr 31/Ala 31

69-7457/7-457 RF-4E 173 Filo/7 AJÜ

69-7526/7-7526 RF-4E 173 Filo/7 AJÜ

XX168/CR Hawk T.1 100 Sqn

XX250/CS Hawk T.1 100 Sqn

ZH103/103 Sentry AEW.1 8 Sqn

ZE208/AN Tornado F.3 56 ® Sqn

ZG731 Tornado F.3 nm

ZA551 Tornado GR.1 nm

81-0976/SP bk A-10A 81st FS/52nd FW

88-0100 CH-47D Co E/502nd Avn

62-1832/DM wh EC-130E 42nd ACCS/355th Wing

58-0075 KC-135R non

59-1498/MO gr KC-135R 22nd ARS/366th Wing

92-0364/LN rd/wh F-15E 494th FS/48th FW

88-0525/AV pr/wh F-16C 510th FS/31st FW

89-2001/AV pr/wh F-16C 510th FS/31st FW ‘31 OSS’

85-0832/HO F-117A 8th FS/49th FW

164878/BM-07 F/A-18D VMFA(AW)-332

164886/BM-11 F/A-18D VMFA(AW)-332


Shelter Area West (static side):

62-1818/DM wh EC-130E 42nd ACCS/355th Wing

62-1857/DM wh EC-130E 42nd ACCS/355th Wing

86-0223/VA bl/gr F-16C 149th FS/192nd FW

86-0230/VA bl/gr F-16C 149th FS/192nd FW

86-0244/VA bl/gr F-16C 149th FS/192nd FW

87-0351/AV bl/yl F-16C 555th FS/31st FW

88-0532/AV bl/yl F-16C 555th FS/31st FW * / ’31 OG’

89-2016/AV bl/yl F-16C 555th FS/31st FW

89-2024/AV bl/yl F-16C 555th FS/31st FW *

89-2038/AV bl/yl F-16C 555th FS/31st FW

90-0800/AV bl/yl F-16D 555th FS/31st FW


Parking Area (SAR alert):

MM81146/51-70 AB.212 651? SC/51? St

MM81164/51-71 AB.212 651? SC/51? St


Shelter Area West (farside):

C.15-16/15-03 E/F-18A Gr 15/Ala 31

C.15-25/15-12 E/F-18A Gr 15/Ala 31

C.15-27/15-14 E/F-18A Gr 15/Ala 31 *

C.15-36/15-23 E/F-18A Gr 15/Ala 31

C.15-37/15-24 E/F-18A Gr 15/Ala 31

82-0654/SP bk A-10A 81st FS/52nd FW *

88-0413/AV pr/wh F-16C 510th FS/31st FW

88-0444/AV pr/wh F-16C 510th FS/31st FW

89-2030/AV pr/wh F-16C 510th FS/31st FW

89-2046/AV pr/wh F-16C 510th FS/31st FW

89-2050/AV pr/wh F-16C 510th FS/31st FW

89-2178/AV pr/wh F-16C 510th FS/31st FW

90-0795/AV pr/wh F-16C 510th FS/31st FW

90-0796/AV pr/wh F-16D 510th FS/31st FW

84-0827/HO F-117A 8th FS/49th FW *

164866/EA-00 F/A-18D VMFA(AW)-332

164868/BM-01 F/A-18D VMFA(AW)-332

164870/BM-02 F/A-18D VMFA(AW)-332

164872/BM-03 F/A-18D VMFA(AW)-332 *

164874/EA-04 F/A-18D VMFA(AW)-332

164876/BM-06 F/A-18D VMFA(AW)-332

164882/BM-09 F/A-18D VMFA(AW)-332

164884/BM-10 F/A-18D VMFA(AW)-332


Platform Area Middle (farside):

0702 Mi-24V 331 VRLT/32 ZVL *

0703 Mi-24V 331 VRLT/32 ZVL *

0705 Mi-24V 331 VRLT/32 ZVL *

021 An-32 Croatian AF

125 MiG-21bis 21 Esk *

F95/61-ZM C-160F ET 00.061

87+62 Bo.105P HFR-36

MM81410/EI-940 A.129 493? Sq/49? GSER *

MM61209/46-96 G.222TCM 98? Gr/46? BA

MM81291/72-28 NH.500E 208? Gr/72? St *

A-902 PC-7 Swiss AF *

A-907 PC-7 Swiss AF *

A-908 PC-7 Swiss AF *

A-914 PC-7 Swiss AF *

A-921 PC-7 Swiss AF

A-924 PC-7 Swiss AF *

A-929 PC-7 Swiss AF *

A-934 PC-7 Swiss AF *

A-935 PC-7 Swiss AF *

A-939 PC-7 Swiss AF *

74-22496 UH-1H 6th AvnDet *


Alpha Jets E of "Patrouille de France", French AF:

E141/1, E89/2, E140/3, E104/4, E173/5, E105/6, E97/7, E37/8, E106/9, E23/0


MB.339PANs of "Frecce Tricolori", Italian AF:

MM54475/1, MM54551/2, MM54484/3, MM54500/4, MM54536/5, MM54439/6, MM54483/7, MM54445/8,

MM54485/9, MM51517/10


Platform Area East (farside):

37+05 F-4F JG-72 *

44+23 Tornado JbG-33 *

MM81160 AB.212 SAR Linate *

MM81228/CC-102 A.109A Carabinieri

MM7090/RS-12 AMX 311? Gr/RSV *

MM62012 DC-9-32 306? Gr/31? St

MM62132/46-32 G.222TCM 311? Gr/RSV *

MM54150/61-60 MB.339A 212? Gr/61? BA

MM62161 P.180AM 653? SC/53? St

MM62002/2-33 S.208M 602? SC/2? St

MM7026/50-06 Tornado 155? Gr/50? St *

23687 Super Galeb G.4 Serbian AF *

S5-DPI PC-9 15 Brigada *

TK.10-11/31-53 KC-130H Gr 31/Ala 31

84-0108 C-21A 76th AS/86th AW

84-0110 C-21A 76th AS/86th AW

88-0098 CH-47D Co E/502nd Avn

88-0099 CH-47D Co E/502nd Avn

88-0104 CH-47D Co E/502nd Avn

88-0138 CH-47D Co E/502nd Avn

89-0140 CH-47D Co E/502nd Avn

158032/CY-04 EA-6B VMAQ-2 *

159584/CY-01 EA-6B VMAQ-2

159587/CY-05 EA-6B VMAQ-2 *

160432/CY-02 EA-6B VMAQ-2 *

161349/CY-03 EA-6B VMAQ-2 *

161822/CY-00 EA-6B VMAQ-2


Note: aircraft marked with an ‘*’ have also flown!

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