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TT-1 Pinto

CH-148 Cyclone .... consegne in corso ....

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E, udite udite, si sono beccati pure un riconoscimento internazionale ... :woot:

AHS International has recognized Canada's Department of National Defence (DND) and Sikorsky, a Lockheed Martin company, for "conducting an extraordinary international effort" to demonstrate flight and shipboard operation of the CH-148 Cyclone maritime helicopter from a Royal Canadian Navy Halifax-class frigate.
The award cites successful expansion of the flight envelop to Sea State 6 conditions, where waves reached a height of six meters (20 feet) with winds up to 55 knots (100 km/hour or 63 mph).
On May 16, 2018, representatives from the Canadian Maritime Helicopter Project (CMHP) Combined Test Force accepted the Leonardo International Fellowship Award during AHS International's annual forum.
The award recognizes significant contributions to international vertical flight cooperation.

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Tu chiamala se vuoi ... FACCIA TOSTA ... :sm:



No, almeno in questo caso i canadesi hanno deciso di dire "No grazie" a Sikorsky e fare invece aggiornare a Leonardo i 14 Cormorant. Il governo canadese valuterà anche la possibilità sempre da parte di Leonardo di rimodernizzazione parte dei VH-71 acquistati dal Canada e/o ulteriori leasing e/o acquisti di AW-101 (per chi non seguito le vicende, parliamo di varianti della stessa macchina), per espandere la flotta SAR.



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Il Canada, che ha recentemente affidato a Leonardo la modernizzazione dei propri AW101/CH149 'Cormorant', sembra essere interessato alla versione norvegese del velivolo.

Una delegazione in visita al salone aerospaziale di Farnborough ha infatti attentamente ispezionato l'esemplare colà esposto.



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Qualche aggiornamento ... dopo alcuni mesi ...

La fonte è ... rotorandwing.com ...

... VIEWPOINT: Sergei Sikorsky on Canada’s Sea King Legacy ...

... Canadian CH-148 Cyclone Deployed in Counter-Drug Operation in Mid-East ...

Dopo tanti anni di problemi, rinvii e polemiche varie ... a quanto pare il programma comincia a marciare ...


The Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) CH-148 Cyclones by Sikorsky significantly improve upon the surveillance area of the Sikorsky CH-124 Sea Kings, which the RCAF retired late last year, according to RCAF Col. Sid Connor, commander of 12 Wing in Shearwater, Nova Scotia.
"We can see 10 times farther underwater, and the Cyclone's radar and ESM (electronic warfare support measures) capabilities give us a chance to do above water surveillance 10 times greater than before," he said. 
"The Cyclone can identify contacts for the ship captain. On any given flight, the area you are able to pick up, whether that's identifying narcotics trafficking or unidentified smaller vessels, is 10 times greater, or 100 times as much area."
Two Cyclones are deployed — one aboard the Royal Canadian Navy's Halifax-class frigate, HMCS Regina, in the Middle East, to support Operation Artemis, the Canadian portion of CTF 150 — a multi-nation effort to battle terrorists and illicit flows of drugs, weapons, and people. 
The other deployed CH-148 is aboard the HMCS Toronto, in the Black Sea in support of Operation Reassurance — the Canadian contingent of NATO European deterrence efforts in Central and Eastern Europe.

... CH-148 Cyclones Significantly Expand Surveillance Area, RCAF Says ...

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