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Yakovlev Yak-130


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Non ho trovato una discussione dedicata e quindi ... Yakovlev Yak-130 (Mitten per la NATO)


prodotto in russia dalla Irkut Corporation


Lo sviluppo dello Yak-130 iniziò nel 1993 secondo un programma congiunto tra la Yakovlev e l'Aermacchi per realizzare un addestratore avanzato capace di formare i futuri piloti di caccia di nuova generazione, come l'Eurofighter Typhoon, il Dassault Rafale, l'F-35 e il Sukhoi PAK FA. Il programma prevedeva un velivolo caratterizzato da un'ala alta e una singola deriva verticale, spinto da 2 turbofan e con un abitacolo con 2 posti in tandem capace di garantire elevate manovrabilità, stabilità senza rinunciare a una velocità subsonica.


Ma nel 1999, la partnership fu sciolta, perché le due parti non riuscirono ad accordarsi su vari aspetti del velivolo, pertanto i due costruttori seguirono diversi percorsi di sviluppo, con alla base sempre la stessa filosofia progettuale iniziale: l'Aermacchi con il suo Aermacchi M-346 e la Yakovlev con lo Yak-130.

Il 19 maggio 2009 ha volato il primo Yak-130 di serie, nelle mani dei collaudatori Roman Taskaev e Sergey Kara. L’aereo è stato ordinato dalla Voenno-vozdušnye sily Rossijskoj Federacii (le forze aeree russe) in 12 esemplari come addestratore avanzato battendo il rivale MiG-AT.

Benché nato come addestratore avanzato non si esclude lo sviluppo di una versione appositamente per l'attacco leggero.



Ecco un flight test Yak-130 proves versatility



Grandi aspettative a partire da Farnborough 2012 Yak-130, MS-21 charge Irkut's growth model


in late 2011 of a contract to supply the Russian air force with 55 Yak-130s ... Deliveries under a launch export order for the Yak-130 were also completed late last year, according to Russian media reports, referring to a 16-aircraft programme for the Algerian air force.


With the first export deal completed and a strong domestic commitment also in hand, Fedorov says a company target to eventually sell between 300 and 400 Yak-130s is a realistic one. Earlier this year, he revealed that "pretty intensive discussions" have been held with at least 10 potential new export buyers, and that at least one of these is expected to sign an order in 2012.

"For a few years we haven't participated in air shows with our aircraft, because they were under intensive tests," he says. "Starting with this Farnborough, we plan to start flying our aircraft at all air shows. Potential customers would like to see the live aircraft, not just the model."


Russia’s Yak-130 Combat Trainer to Debut at Farnborough 2012







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Certamente è un velivolo che permette un addestramento molto realistico (anche se con quelle cifre esistono o simulatori informatici molto sofisticati oppure velivoli "veri" usati ) ,anche se a mio parere questo mezzo potrebbe essere stato concepito come mezzo ufficioso d'attacco per gli scenarii ceceni

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anche se a mio parere questo mezzo potrebbe essere stato concepito come mezzo ufficioso d'attacco per gli scenarii ceceni

e cosa diavolo se ne fanno di un "mezzo ufficioso" quando non si sono mai fatti problemi ad usare "mezzi ufficiali" dallo Scarab al Backfire, passando per Frogfoot e Fancer?


forse parlavi di un veivolo COIN... ma non mi pare che i russi siano interessati ad un aereo simile.

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Miglioramenti in vista ....


Irkut To Add Attack Capabilities To Yak-130 Trainer ....


By Maxim Pyadushkin


Source: Aerospace Daily & Defense Report (AW&ST) - July 17, 2012



MOSCOW — Russia’s Irkut Corp. is working on improvements to its Yakovlev Yak-130 combat jet trainer that may turn it into a light attack aircraft.


The first stage of modernization includes the installation of an inflight refueling system and optronic pod, says Irkut Vice President Komstantin Popovich. This work should be completed in 2013, he adds.


In the next stage, designers plan to equip the aircraft with radar. Three options are being evaluated, says Popovich. The first is from Phazotron-NIIR. Earlier, Phazotron’s chief designer, Yury Guskov, told Aviation Week that his company had started developing a slot array antenna radar, dubbed FK-130, for this aircraft.


The other options are an onboard radar from Tikhomirov-NIIP or a radar pod from St. Petersburg’s Leninetz plant. According to Popovich, the radar designer and supplier is to be selected by the end of the year; development efforts are planned for 2013-14.


Popovich says the radar installation will provide the Yak-130 with target detection for air-to-ground missiles like the Kh-31 (AS-17 Krypton), Kh-38 and Kh-29 (AS-14 Kedge). “We understand now that the aircraft’s stability allows us to use such heavy missiles,” he says, adding that all these improvements are being made without the Russian air force’s request.


The aircraft can currently carry up to 3,000 kg (6,600 lb.) of combat payload including the short-range R-73 (AA-11 Archer) air-to-air missile with infrared seeker, KAB-500 guided bombs, free-falling bombs, unguided rockets or a pod with 23-mm GSh-23L twin-barreled cannon. The weapons can be fixed at nine external hardpoints: six underwing, two wingtips and one under the fuselage.


Irkut suggests that the Yak-130 attack version could be used in low-intensity conflicts to engage point-surface targets and low-speed air targets.


The Russian air force selected the Yak-130 in 2002 as its new jet aircraft for basic and advanced pilot training to replace the aging fleet of Soviet-era Czech L-39 trainers. It is equipped with a glass cockpit and a reprogrammed fly-by-wire system that can replicate the characteristics of various Russian fighters, fourth-generation and higher.


The basic Yak-130 variant completed government evaluation trials in 2009. The Russian air force now operates 12 aircraft from the initial production batch. In 2011 the air force placed an order for 55 trainers with the option for 10 more. The first batch of 15 under the deal is slated to be handed over this year; the total deliveries should by complete by 2012.


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Russia Orders Yak-130 Trainer & Light Attack Jets


the Russian military may not be interested in developing a Yak-131 light attack version, but Irkut thinks there’s a market for the existing Yak-130, and is working to give it a full strike fighter’s array. At present, the Yak-130’s 3,000 kg/ 6,600 pounds of payload can includes AA-11/R-73 short range air-to-air missiles for defense, and KAB-500 laser-guided bombs, in addition to unguided bombs, rockets and 23mm gun pods.

Irkut VP Komstantin Popovich told Aviation Week that work on in-flight refueling capability and an optronic surveillance and targeting pod is expected to be complete in 2013. That would give the Yak-130 the ability to laser-designate its own targets, which is especially useful in counterinsurgency operations. It may also help in designating targets for TV, infrared, and laser guided versions of the Kh-38 family of short-medium range strike missiles, and Kh-29 (AS-14 Kedge) short-range heavy strike missile.

The next step would involve a radar capable of ground scans and targeting for radar-guided missiles like the Kh-29MP, or even heavy strike missiles like the supersonic Kh-31 (AS-17 Krypton). The VVF hasn’t requested precision strike missiles, but Popovich says that the aircraft’s inherent stability allows the plane to carry even heavy loads like the Kh-31. A Yak-130 that could fire such missiles would become a much more dangerous threat to defended targets, and greatly expand the plane’s versatility beyond counter-insurgency.

The enabling radar could come from Phazotron-NIIR (“FK-130”) or their competitor Tikhomirov-NIIP, or it could even arrive as a radar pod from St. Petersburg’s Leninetz. Irkut expects to pick a design by the end of 2012, with development continuing into 2014. Aviation Week.

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Yak-130 Combat Trainer


All-digital cockpit

The aircraft has an air-conditioned and pressurised two-seat tandem cockpit fitted with NPO Zvezda K-36LT3.5 zero-zero ejection seats. The pilots have all-round view through a blister canopy. The forward pilot has a view over the nose to -16°. The rear pilot has a view to -6°.

The production Yak-130 is the first Russian aircraft with an all-digital avionics suite. The avionics meets Mil Standard 1553 and can be adapted to the customer's requirements.

The aircraft has an all-glass cockpit. Both pilot positions are night vision goggle compatible and equipped with three multifunction 6in x 8in colour liquid crystal displays.

The pilot in the forward cockpit can use the helmet-mounted sight for target designation. The cockpit is fitted with an MS internal and external communication and voice warning system supplied by AA.S. Popov GZAS joint stock company.

The Avionica fly-by-wire flight control system is used to adjust the stability and controllability characteristics and flight safety systems to simulate a number of aircraft such as the MiG-29, Su-27, Su-30, F-15, F-16, F-18, Mirage 2000, Rafale, Typhoon and future fighters such as the F-35.

The pilot selects the software model of the simulated aircraft's control system on the Yak-130 on-board computer. The pilot can select the model during flight. The system can be forgiving to allow cadet pilots the easy acquisition of piloting skills.

The open architecture avionics suite includes two computers and a three-channel information exchange multiplexer. The navigation suite includes laser gyroscopes and GLONASS / NAVSTAR global positioning.


The forward pilot station in the cockpit of the Yak-130.


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Vietnam, Malaysia Eye Russian Yak-130 Trainer


Malaysia and Vietnam are interested in buying Russian-made Yak-130 Mitten combat trainers, a source in the Russian delegation at the Air China aerospace show told RIA Novosti on Wednesday.

“Malaysia will need new combat trainers in the near future to replace the outdated Italian-made M-339 aircraft,” the source said.

“The chances are high that Malaysia may purchase the Yak-130 as the country has been one of the key buyers of Russian military aircraft and our planes have been tested there for years,” he said.

The same refers to Vietnam, which has bought Russian Su-30MK2 jet fighters in the past, the source added.

Russia’s Yak-130 is also a competitor in a tender for delivery of six light fighter jets to the Philippines to replace retired U.S.-built Northrop F-5A Tiger fighters.

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Bangladesh wants to buy Russia’s Yak-130 aircraft


Bangladesh’s air forces are interested in buying Russia’s jet trainer/light attack aircraft Yak-130, Sergey Kornev, a representative of the Rosoboronexport (Russia’s state intermediary agency for exports/imports of defense-related products) said Thursday.

He was speaking at the China Airshow 2012 which is underway in the Chinese city of Zhuhai.

Kornev added that Russia will grant a loan to Bangladesh to buy 12 Yak-130 planes and Su-27 jet fighters. He did not mention the sum of the loan.

“As far as I know the loan has been approved. Within its amount Bangladesh can choose the number of planes it will buy and their modifications”, he said.

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JSC IRKUT Corporation, (a part of JSC United Aircraft Corporation) handed over 3 Yak-130 combat trainers of the second batch to the Russian Air Force.


On November 20, pilots of the Russian Air Force training center completed the transportation of three aircraft by air from Irkutsk aviation plant (branch of JSC IRKUT Corporation) to the base aerodrome in Borisoglebsk city. The first 6 Yak-130 aircraft manufactured by JSC IRKUT Corporation arrived on October 5 and 9 respectively are actively operated at the training center.


55 Yak-130 combat trainers delivery by 2015 to the Russian Air Force is provided by the contract signed in December 7, 2011 between the Russian Ministry of Defence and IRKUT Corporation.


Yak-130 Combat Trainer, developed by the Yakovlev Design Bureau – an IRKUT Corporation company, was chosen as the main aircraft for basic and advanced training of Russian Air Force pilots. Yak-130 can provide top-class pilots training to handle Russian and foreign-made combat aircraft of the generations “4+” and “5”. Yak-130 aircraft is the basic component of the training complex including integrated system of the objective control, educational computer classes, flight and specialized training apparatus.


State trials of Yak-130 with weaponry included have been successfully completed in December 2009.


In 2011 IRKUT Corporation finalized the export delivery of a batch of Yak-130 aircraft.

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In accordance with the Agreement on the development of military-technical cooperation between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus dated December 10, 2009, today in Minsk the contract on 4 Yak-130 combat-trainers delivery in 2015 was signed by the Belarusian Defence Ministry and IRKUT Corporation (a part of United Aircraft Corporation).

The signing ceremony was attended by Belarusian Defence Minister Y.Zhadobin, Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Belarus A.Surikov, Director of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation of Russia A.Fomin, President of JSC IRKUT Corporation O.Demchenko.

Yak-130 two-seat combat trainer intended for the basic and advanced trainings of fighter pilots was developed by the Yakovlev Design Bureau – an IRKUT Corporation company, and now serially produced at the Irkutsk aviation plant.

Yak-130 is the world’s first new generation combat trainer to provide top-class pilots training to handle combat aircraft of the generations “4+” and “5”.

The Republic of Belarus is the first among the CIS countries procuring Yak-130 Combat trainers.





President of JSC IRKUT Corporation (part of United aircraft corporation) Oleg Demchenko said: “Our company fulfilled all the obligations concerning the state defence order of 2012”.

Today, pilots of the Russian Air Force training center ferried another three aircraft from Irkutsk aviation plant (branch of JSC IRKUT Corporation) to the base aerodrome in Borisoglebsk city.

JSC IRKUT Corporation delivered 15 Yak-130 new generation combat trainers and 2 Su-30SM multirole fighters to the Russian Air Force in 2012.

55 Yak-130 combat trainers delivery to the Russian Air Force is provided by the contract signed in December 7, 2011 between the Russian Ministry of Defence and IRKUT Corporation. The contract on 30 Su-30SM fighters delivery was signed between the Russian Ministry of Defence and JSC IRKUT Corporation in March 2012.

In December 19, 2012 the contract on delivery of the second batch of 30 Su-30SM fighters to the Russian Ministry of Defence was signed.

Oleg Demchenko mentioned: “High professionalism of our employees, well organized mass production, effective cooperation with the leading enterprises of JSC UAC, collaboration with suppliers on long-term contracts – all of these allow us to execute state and export contracts on scheduler and of high quality”.

“Our company has been working on export for a long time. But we’ve been preparing for new aircraft deliveries to the Russian Air Force purposefully, as to build aircraft for the Motherland – is the main aim for an aircraft manufacturer”, - said the Head of JSC IRKUT Corporation.

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VVS .... consegne ormai prossime ....


PARIS 2013: UAC set to deliver 18 Yak-130s in 2013 ....


Russia's United Aircraft Corporation is set to deliver 18 Yak-130 trainers to the Russian air force in 2013, say company officials speaking at the Paris air show.

The Russian air force has ordered 55 airframes of the type.


Fonte .... http://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/paris-2013-uac-set-to-deliver-18-yak-130s-in-2013-387447/


Strano che nell'articolo non venga citato il primo importante acquirente estero dell'aereo .... l'Algeria ....


Fonte .... http://www.ruaviation.com/news/2011/11/29/648/





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Il blogger Craig Hoyle (The DEW Line) .... alla ricerca della differenza ....


Friday fun: spot the difference ....


I stumbled on a Rex Features image yesterday showing a Yak-130 flying at the MAKS air show in a cracking new red colour scheme, and it reminded me of a recent return to the air for its blood brother: Alenia Aermacchi’s M-346.


Link .... http://www.flightglobal.com/blogs/the-dewline/2013/09/friday-fun-spot-the-difference/

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Bangladesh ..... prime consegne ormai prossime .....


Russia will deliver 14 Yakovlev-130 aircraft to Bangladesh this year and two more next year, according to Oleg Demchenko, president of Irkut Corporation, which builds these twin-engine weaponized jet trainers.

The contract with Bangladesh was signed last year and includes options for 10 more aircraft.

The jets are being financed through a one-billion-dollar credit arranged by the Kremlin on the base of sovereign guarantees.


Fonte ..... "Bangladesh Takes Delivery of Yak-130 Jets" ..... http://www.ainonline.com/aviation-news/defense/2015-04-09/bangladesh-takes-delivery-yak-130-jets


Nell'immagine, che reca la data di oggi ed è stata scattata ad Irkutsk, uno dei primi esemplari del velivolo in attesa di consegna .....

Si noti il pod ventrale contenente, in apparenza, un'arma bi-canna .....



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È una posizione più adatta ad un irst, però non dovrebbe essere nemmeno un puntatore/designatore laser, ma un alloggiamento per un più semplice laser range finder.





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Io invece mi sono imbattuto in questo:


Dovrebbe essere un puntatore laser data la somiglianza con il muso del Su-25T ma non ne sono certo.

Secondo me quest'aereo configurato in quel modo sarebbe un ottimo anti-ISIS.

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