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F-22 Raptor - discussione ufficiale


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Ma..sarà veramente l'ultimo??

J-20, Pak...la concorrenza, seppur molto giovane e tutta da valutare, si fa sotto! vedremo...

Non a caso ....


Lockheed to preserve F-22 tooling for future use ....


Fonte .... qxui6q.jpg .... http://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/lockheed-to-preserve-f-22-tooling-for-future-use-345519/


Non si sa mai .... ;)

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Io ho trovato questa notizia interssante:

"A "very small number" of Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor pilots are refusing to fly the jet, a top US Air Force official says. "Obviously it's a very sensitive thing because we are trying to ensure that the community fully understands all that we're doing to try to get to a solution," says Air Combat Command chief Gen Mike Hostage. He was speaking at press conference at Joint Base Langley-Eustis, Virginia on 30 April.


The USAF has not found the root cause of 11 hypoxia-like cases since the Raptor fleet returned to flight in September after a near five-month stand-down. The jet has flown about 12,000 times since then. Hostage says that while he will not force pilots to fly the F-22, those aviators won't "get a free pass to go do something else" however. But he says he believes that the USAF has "driven down the risk to a level where we can safely operate the airplane."


In solidarity with his pilots, Hostage says him will get himself checked out in the Raptor and fly the jet until the cause of the F-22's oxygen woes are discovered and fixed. "I'm going to check out and fly the airplane so I can understand exactly what it is they're dealing with. The day we figure out what the problem is I will stop flying because we don't have enough sorties for all of our combat aviators to get as much training as they need," Hostage says.


"I don't feel like it's right that I ask them to do it and I'm not willing to do it myself," he adds.


While Hostage did address the recent reports of the F-22 deploying to Al Dhafra, in the United Arab Emirates, he wouldn't confirm where the jet was deployed to, or where the aircraft came from, but the Raptor has deployed to Al Dhafra in previous years.


One source says the jets came from the 7th Fighter Squadron at the 49th Wing, based at Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico. He says that the deployment is routine and simply part of their air expeditionary forces rotation. Indeed, Hostage says the deployment was previously planned."




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L'ultimo F-22 ha raggiunto la sua base operativa ....


Final F-22 Arrives for Beddown


The last F-22 built for the Air Force arrived at JB Elmendorf-Richardson, Alaska, completing the beddown of the Raptor fleet.


Lt. Col. Paul Moga, commander of Elmendorf-Richardson's 525th Fighter Squadron, piloted the jet on its eight-hour, non-stop flight from Lockheed Martin's production facility in Marietta, Ga., on May 5.


"It's good to have this jet where it belongs," said Moga, who will fly this aircraft as the squadron's flagship.


The Air Force accepted Raptor 4195 on May 2 during a ceremony in Marietta.


(Elmendorf-Richardson release)


The Air Force's final F-22 Raptor fighter, aircraft 4195, touches down at JB Elmendorf-Richardson, Alaska, May 5, 2012.

Lt. Col. Paul Moga, commander of the base's 525th Fighter Squadron, flew the new F-22 from Lockheed Martin's production facility in Marietta, Ga., to Elmendorf-Richardson, its beddown location.

Several of the base's C-17s are visible in the background.

Fonte .... 4hjxy.jpg

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scusate la domanda scontata e forse banale: mi chiedevo se il Raptor possa portare bombe a guida laser e relativo pod ( stile Pave Penny ) :hmm:


scusate ancora la domanda ( alla quale credo si debba rispondere di no ) ma è un tema da lungo discusso con numerosi amici...

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La risposta è assolutamente no.

Il Raptor è adatto solo a portare JDAM a guida GPS-inerziale.

Non è previsto un pod laser che sull'F-22 dovrebbe giocoforza finire su un pilone subalare peggiorando la stealthness.

In ogni caso l'aereo nell'aria suolo non si spinge molto oltre ciò che è possibile fare con l'hardware attuale, agendo solo a livello software per l'integrazione di armamenti aria-suolo (come detto al momento solo bombe GPS al massimo di medio calibro).

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Come dicevo nelle news , secondo il Lt. Gen. Janet Wolfenbarger, i problemi di ipossia dei piloti di F-22 potrebbero derivare dalle particolari condizioni di altitudine al quale il mezzo si trova ad operare, combinato alle elevate forze G che i piloti sperimentano in volo. Ma i dati sono in continuo esame, ed è presto per poterlo affermare con certezza.
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  • 4 months later...

Nel caso riuscisse a vincere ....


Republican hopeful Mitt Romney has added a new specific example for how he’d spend 4% of the GDP on defense: Restart production of the F-22 Raptor ....

Fonte .... http://www.aviationweek.com/Blogs.aspx?plckBlogId=Blog:27ec4a53-dcc8-42d0-bd3a-01329aef79a7&plckPostId=Blog:27ec4a53-dcc8-42d0-bd3a-01329aef79a7Post:4cbbb840-e3ce-4c81-95e3-fe8e9720178a


Romney wants to buy more F-22s ....



Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney said Saturday he would buy more F-22 Raptors as part of his plan to reverse many of the defense cuts planned by the Obama administration ....

Fonte .... http://www.dodbuzz.com/2012/09/10/romney-promises-to-buy-more-f-22s/

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F-22 Analysis Continues, Air Force General Tells Congress


As an investigation continues into oxygen-deprivation issues involving the F-22 Raptor fighter, Air Force officials remain optimistic about the program’s future and the jet’s ability to perform, the director of operations for the Air Force’s Air Combat Command told the House Armed Services Committee today.


While the task force has ruled out oxygen quality as being the cause of previously unexplained problems, recommendations do include development, testing and fielding of a modified valve for the Combat Edge upper-pressure garment that F-22 pilots wear to help control breathing, Lyon said.



USAF and NASA officials testify before Congress on F-22 Raptor oxygen systems


The USAF is installing a redesigned breathing regulator/anti-g (BRAG) valve on the Combat Edge upper pressure garment, a new back-up oxygen system and it is changing the oxygen schedule for the jet's onboard oxygen generation system (OBOGS).

"We've reduced the potential negative effects created by high oxygen concentration levels produced by the OBOGS through cockpit selectable oxygen settings,"

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Un metodo forse costoso,ma più "mediterraneo" sarebbe stato tenere lo stabilimento-chiuso- così come era con le machine utensili già nelle loro posizioni, in modo che,una volta che fosse stata decisa la riapertura, si sarebbe potuto semplicemente "accendere l'interruttore" ed attivare il processo, un po' come si fa negli stabilimenti automobilistici quando si decide di mettere in pausa la produzione

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Ecco appunto, sarebbe stato un tantino costoso e, considerato che la ragion d’essere del blocco della produzione è stata essenzialmente economica, non è che tenere in piedi tutta la baracca e continuare a spendere per uno stabilimento che non produce avrebbe avuto molto senso. A quel punto sarebbe stato meglio costruire qualche aereo in più e poi sbaraccare tutto definitivamente.


Qui non si tratta di un blocco di produzione e relativa cassa integrazione per qualche mese. I macchinari e le strutture (sparpagliate in diversi stabilimenti di diverse aziende) andrebbero manutenute e non possono essere lasciate li a prender polvere o peggio a danneggiare altre produzioni. In questi casi il personale va a far altro (non necessariamente nella stessa azienda), le attrezzature specifiche si smontano e si custodiscono, mentre quelle non specifiche si riutilizzano altrove.

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Correzione di rotta della squadra di Romney sul riavvio della produzione dell'F-22.


Roger e Dov Zakheim, due consiglieri in materia di difesa dello staff Romney hanno affermato tra le altre cose:


They also said Romney supports reinserting F-35s cut by the Obama administration from the program’s five-year acquisition plan, versus restarting production of the F-22, which Romney last month said he would do. The Zakheims said his campaign has since corrected the statement to mean the F-35.


Fonte: http://www.aviationweek.com/Article.aspx?id=/article-xml/awx_10_11_2012_p0-505856.xml

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F-22 transfer to Tyndall frozen


The Air Force has delayed the transfer of an F-22 squadron from Holloman Air Force Base, N.M. to Tyndall Air Force Base, Fla., as the Air Force has halted planned force structure changes.


Air Force leaders paused proposed transfers after the service’s plans received fierce opposition from Congress over perceived slights to the Air Force National Guard and Reserve. The transfer of the 7th Fighter Squadron and its F-22s is just one of many aircraft movements put on hold.


The Air Force has not set a date when the transfers will restart as a potential $500 billion cut to defense spending looms if Congress does not avoid sequestration set for Jan. 2. The resulting sequestration cut would alter force structure planning for all three services and force military leaders to re-evaluate the budgets they put forth to Congress this past year.


The two F-16 squadrons at Luke Air Force Base, Ariz., will remain there as the plan to move them to Holloman were dependent on the transfer of the 7th Fighter Squadron.

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Il sistema di generazione dell'ossigeno del Raptor, è una fonte di continui mal di testa per l'Air Force. Per contrastare l'effetto anomalo dell'aria respirata attraverso l' OBOGS nei piloti, sta venendo messo a punto un software che gestisca in maniera ottimale i repentini cambi di quota in discesa "deep dive". La particolarità dell'inviluppo di volo del Raptor, richiede la "riscoperta" della reazione del fisico a quote elevate, elevati numeri di G, e con valori d'ossigeno in concentrazione del 94% anzichè del 99% dei precedenti velivoli.


Fonte defensetech.org

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questo paper analizza il l'intero programma Air Force F-22 Fighter Program, ed è aggiornato al 25 ottobre 2012.


Segnalo solo questo stralcio sulle "possibili e non ancora autorizzate" esportazioni


A further issue for Congress for the F-22 program concerns the potential export of the aircraft to other countries. As mentioned earlier, Congress from time to time has econsidered the annual prohibition on foreign sales of the F-22. Some Members in 2009 reportedly have expressed interest in reconsidering the annual prohibition, although the economics of restarting the nowclosed production line may affect that calculation.
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Segnalo la presentazione di un lungo articolo (30 pagine di PDF) verso l'F-22. La cosa notevole è che l'estensore delle critiche è uno dei primissimi test pilot del programma, e comandante di una squadriglia di F-22, il Lieutenant Colonel Christopher Niemi.


Alcuni stralci:


The ATF’s [the Advanced Tactical Fighter, the F-22’s original designation] overly-specialized design constituted a fundamental flaw in the uncertain post–Cold War environment. The Air Force subsequently missed the best opportunity to adapt the F-22 when it issued the EMD [engineering, manufacturing, and development] contract without modification to ATF requirements.


Criticità anche verso la stealtheness vista come soluzione definitiva:


Although stealth is a powerful enabler for offensive systems, its greatest advantage lies in its ability to dramatically increase aircraft survivability against radar-dependent threats. Consequently, stealth’s utility depends on the presence of those threats. By insisting on acquiring only stealth fighters (regardless of the cost), the Air Force assumes that future adversaries will not counter stealth technology and ignores the fact that many air combat operations continue to occur in low-threat environments


Stealth technology demands significant trade-offs in range, security, weapons carriage, sortie generation, and adaptability. Stealth provides no advantage in conflicts such as those in Afghanistan or Iraq (since 2003), and (despite its obvious utility) it cannot guarantee success in future struggles with a near-peer adversary. Most importantly, the cost of F-22s and F-35s threatens to reduce the size of the Air Force’s fielded fighter fleet to dangerously small numbers, particularly in the current fiscal environment. These facts suggest that the Air Force should reconsider its long-standing position that fifth-generation fighters are the only option for recapitalizing its fighter fleet.


L'intero articolo in PDF, è qui

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e questo, è esattamente il punto:


By insisting on acquiring only stealth fighters (regardless of the cost), the Air Force assumes that future adversaries will not counter stealth technology and ignores the fact that many air combat operations continue to occur in low-threat environments


che mi fa essere critico verso non tanto lo F22, ma verso F35. Perchè il giorno che si trova la contromisura..... ecc ecc.


Meno male che anche nell'USAF hanno ancora il cervello acceso.

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L'F-35, come è stato detto fino alla noia, è uno stealth "della prima ora". Eliminate le difese nemiche nelle primissime fasi del conflitto, grazie alle peculiarità dell'aereo, tra cui la stealthiness, è richiesta la sopravvivenza sul territorio ostile. Oggi non se ne vede la necesità? Lo chiediamo ad Israele se non gli fa comodo uno stormo di aerei che bucano la difese aeree di Siria, Arabia Saudita, per arrivare in Iran senza essere visti?


Lo chiediamo ai cinesi perchè si danno il mal di testa di copiarlo agli americani? Lo chiediamo ai russi, la cui politica non è "imperialista" quindi non ne avrebbero nemmeno bisogno per "conquistare il mondo", perchè stanno sviluppando il loro stealth?


Le critiche da muovere allo stealth, sono sempre quelle: costa caro, non serve sull'Afghanistan, se ne prendono uno li copiano, se trovano il rimedio, ecc...


Siccome si tratta di avere un margine sul nemico, ben venga.

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