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McDonnell Douglas/Boeing F-15 Eagle/Strike Eagle/Silent Eagle - discussione ufficiale

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Un carico veramente ... "pesante" ...


The 85th Test and Evaluation Squadron successfully flew an F-15E Strike Eagle carrying six JDAMs on a single side of the aircraft on Feb 22, 2021, showcasing a proof of concept for Agile Combat Employment, known as “ACE.”
 “Currently the F-15E is authorized to carry a max of nine JDAMs, but the success of this test expands that to 15 JDAMs,” said Maj. Andrew Swanson, F-15E Weapons System Officer, 85th TES.
 “Strike Eagle can now carry enough JDAMs for an active combat mission, land at a remote location, and reload itself and/or another aircraft – such as an F-35 or F-22 – for additional combat sorties,” said Lt. Col. Jacob Lindaman, commander, 85th TES.

 ... 53rdwing.af.mil ... https://www.53rdwing.af.mil/News/Article/2520577/strike-eagle-proven-capable-of-carrying-15-jdams-on-single-sortie/ ...


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I tentativi e le valutazioni di pensionamento dell’attuale linea sono tutti volti a risparmiare risorse e dirottarle verso il rinnovo della flotta a favore di velivoli di quinta generazione. Ricostru

Si pensa di cambiare l'ala agli F-15C/D, per usare quella più robusta dell'F-15D.   http://www.combataircraft.net/2016/10/14/usaf-looks-to-push-f-15cds-out-to-2045/   L'articolo è interessante per

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Uno sforzo di fantasia "Eccezzziunale ... veramente" ...


The Air Force’s newest fighter jet has a name: F-15EX Eagle II
The service unveiled the name of the jet during an April 7 ceremony at Eglin Air Force Base, Fla.
The Air National Guard will be the first to receive the new jet operationally. 
ANG Director Lt. Gen. Michael A. Loh said during the ceremony the F-15EX’s improvements will be key to its mission of homeland defense.
“The Air National Guard flies 93 percent of homeland defense missions, and along with the F-35A, the F-15EX will help ensure that legacy for many decades to come,” he said.

 ... airforcemag.com ... https://www.airforcemag.com/f-15ex-named-the-eagle-ii/ ...

Anche qui ... defensenews.com ... https://www.defensenews.com/air/2021/04/07/the-f-15ex-has-a-new-name/ ...


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"That's Disappointing" ... 
Non a tutti piace la designazione assegnata all'ultima versione dello F-15 ...


The Air Force could have chosen a better derivative of “Eagle,” just as the multi-role version of the F-15, the F-15E, was named “Strike Eagle.” 
But if we want to stick with the “Eagle” name, which is fair, our options are limited.
“Bald Eagle” is the national bird, but the inclusion of “bald” in the name of a fighter jet ... isn’t a great mix. 
“Miracle Eagle,” meanwhile, sounds like a brand of mayonnaise made with eagle eggs. 
The Air Force already used “Golden Eagle” in the 2010s to upgrade F-15Cs. 
And the “Harpy Eagle” is a terrifying bird, though it is native to Central and South America.
So how about “Super Eagle?” 
That would have been great and a superior alternative to the Eagle II. 
The F-15EX is undeniably a “super” version of the F-15, and “Super” is also used in Superman, Super Bowl, and Super Burritos. 
It’s simple, it’s easy, it gets the point across, and it has lots of positive connections across popular culture.
Would a kid excitedly shout, “I want to fly the Super Eagle!”?
Yes, yes, I think she would.

... popularmechanics.com ... https://www.popularmechanics.com/military/weapons/a36052186/air-force-new-f15-ex-eagle-fighter-named-eagle-ii/ ...


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Il Phantom e il Phantom II c’era un abisso, come tra tutte le altre coppie di velivoli (Lightning incluso) in cui si è riciclato un nome aggiungendo “II” a quello del precedente. Magari si è cercato un poco felice escamotage per far dimenticare il fatto che l’F-15EX è sempre un F-15, la cui idea ha più di mezzo secolo...Chissà come lo chiameranno nel Qatar, dove hanno preso praticamente lo stesso aereo, quando ancora era un Eagle e basta...

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